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Spare us a patchwork religion!

The patchwork religion is not of the least value with God. He requires the whole heart. No part of it is to be reserved for the development of hereditary or cultivated tendencies to evil. To be harsh, to be severe, too self-important, selfish, to look out for ones own selfish interest and yet be zealous that others shall deal unselfishly, is a religion which is an abomination to God. Many have just such an experience daily, but it is a misrepresentation of the character of Christ.

1888 Materials 1312


Living Water

A stream of water will rise to the height of its source.So it is with religion; if it comes from God, it will lead to God.He who has a connection with Christ is a living missionary.As he receives the water of life, he gives it again to others.Have you been drinking of the living waters?Have you been giving it to others?

1888 Materials, p. 389

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