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No mere profession…

The object of our faith, hope, and love, should be Jesus,—Jesus always, Jesus only. A mere profession of faith will not save us; we must have real faith in Christ. Then the heart will be renewed; we shall be born again. Christ takes our sins upon himself, and imparts to us his righteousness.


Cherish truth

If we neglect to walk in the light given, it becomes darkness to us; and the darkness is proportionate to the light and privileges which we have not improved.

If jealousy, evil surmising, and evil-speaking are allowed to have a place in the church, that church is under the frown of God.It will be spiritually unhealthy until it is cleansed from these sins, for till then God cannot reveal His power to strengthen and elevate His people and give them victory.

Oh, how much we all need the baptism of the Holy Ghost
. Then we shall always work with the mind of Christ, with kindness, compassion, and sympathy, showing love for the sinner while hating sin with a perfect hatred.

English: Dianthus [ Pink ] flowers

Come up out of the cellar of doubt, of unbelief, of jealousy, and evil surmising, into the upper chamber of faith, hope, courage, and thankfulness.Make melody to God in the heart. The garden of the Lord is strewn with precious flowers. Gather the roses and the lilies and the pinks from God’s spiritual garden.


The more we think of heaven, the more happiness we shall have.

Excerpted from:
1888, chap.14 – Counsel to ministers
Discourse, Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 21, 1888 – Ms 8a, 1888

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