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Importance of God’s Word

My cry has been: Investigate the Scriptures for yourselves, and know for yourselves what saith the Lord. No man is to be authority for us. If he has received his light from the Bible so may we also to the same source for light and proof to substantiate the doctrines which we believe. The Scriptures teach that we should give a reason of the hope that is within us with meekness and fear.  {1888 188.1}

The Bible, the Bible alone, laid up in the heart and blessed by the Spirit of God, can make man right and keep him right.

. . .  unless the Spirit of God shall have a controlling power, conscience will be warped. The heart, the fountain of the issues of life, is kept only when the word of God is brought into the soul, and rules there.

1888 Materials, Chap. 21,22 – pp  176 – 196


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