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True missionary work

True missionary work leads those connected with it to bow before God in self-humiliation and in unfeigned gratitude to God for the past and present manifestation of his power. They hide self in Christ, praising and glorifying him as the One altogether lovely.

Christian missionary work is of great value to the home churches. By it the members, who know and believe the truth, are inspired with holy, sanctified zeal to deny self, to lift the cross of Christ, and labor with self-sacrificing zeal to send the truth to places nigh and afar off. Christian missionary work has a reflex influence upon the churches, an influence uplifting and sanctifying, demonstrating the importance of Christ’s teaching in the sixth chapter of John. Christian missionary work has a salutary influence upon unbelievers; for as them workers labor under divine superintendence, worldlings are led to see the greatness of the resources God has provided for those who serve him. God’s truth, demonstrated by the working of grace in the heart, multiplies the agencies of Christian usefulness and makes a decided impression upon the world.

1888 Materials 1722


Missionary Work

Our Saviour has given to everyone his work, and no one of us can plead any excuse to God why he has not done the very work which God has given him to do.

Now here is the great essential point, to be sure that these workers have the spirit of Jesus Christ.

We want to be such excellent representatives of the missionary cause that it shall stand as high as possible.

But the first work is a personal consecration to God.

We cannot know here what the effect of our work has been, but we shall see in eternity what we have done for the Master.

Remarks by Ellen G. White on Missionary Work
October 23, 1888—Ms 10, 1888

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