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Medical Student counsel

If they had consecrated to God their powers of mind, soul, and body, there would have been an amazing change as to the quality of the knowledge acquired, and the mode of acquiring it. Study and research were essential, but they needed to realize their danger, and look to God at every step, the creature to be directed by the Creator. As they received their medical education, there were lessons of the highest importance to be kept ever before them,- lessons which they could learn only in the school of Christ. They needed to become meek and lowly in heart; then they would have power to discern the precious things of the future life; they would comprehend something of the mystery of godliness and the breadth and depth of the love of God which passes knowledge. But their minds were turned away from that which was of eternal importance, to human ideas and inventions which glorify man and obscure the clear views they might have had of God. Their only hope was in clinging fast to a power out of and above themselves, even the power of the Infinite One. Then their love and perception of spiritual things would have increased. Truth in its virtue and purity would print its image on the soul, and thus the mind would strengthen and develop.

1888 Materials 981


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