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I do not measure a man by his work in the desk [pulpit], but by his work in his home, among his brethren, in his daily life, that he may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.

And a voice said [that] the time had come when the work in heaven is all activity for the inhabitants of this world.The time had come when the temple and its worshipers had to be measured.These were worshipers that were consecrated.Then there were other names that were to be blotted out of the book of life.They had had light and knowledge, and precept upon precept, and appeal upon appeal, but they had never had the transforming grace of Christ in their hearts.They had never had a living connection with Jesus Christ, therefore the light that would come to them through His word they did not bring into their lives and character.

That is what God presented in such a light before me, and I wanted to say to you that if ever there was time when we should humble ourselves before God, it is now.

Do we sense that we are to make characters every day, that God is watching the development of character and weighing moral worth, and that our lives are daguerreotyped on the books of heaven as your face is stamped on the polished plate of the artist?

We want self to die and be hid in Christ Jesus, then we will not talk of discouragement and difficulties and all these small things, but we will talk of the great plan of redemption and the matchless power of Jesus Christ to come to our world and take upon Him human nature that we through Him might be elevated and have a seat at His right hand.

1888 materials, ch. 17, pp. 154-162

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