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Our need of Christ

There must be a life-giving power in the ministry. Life must be infused into the missionaries in every place, that they may go forth giving the trumpet no uncertain sound, but with heaven-sent, awakening power, such as can be found only in the preaching of Jesus Christ—His love, His forgiveness, His grace. Justification by faith is to be accepted by every soul, not according to some lifeless, dead idea, but according to the truth presented in the gospel. It is Christ that we need. It is Christ that every sinner needs. Let Him be presented in the Spirit and with power—Christ’s humiliation, His meekness, and His lowly life of poverty, that every son and daughter of Adam might be made rich. He died our Sacrifice. He rose again from the dead. He ascended to heaven, and there intercedes in man’s behalf that he might be brought to believe on Him whom the Father hath sent.

1888 Materials 844


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