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How to be good guides

Christ will not accept the highest profession, the most eloquent words, unaccompanied by a faithful practice of the truth. Men may have talent and education, but of what avail is this if the love of God does not abide in their hearts, if they are not clothed with His righteousness. The watchmen must catch the words from the lips of Christ, and give the trumpet a certain sound. Their message must bear the divine credentials, and God must give it efficiency, else they will be false guides.

1888 Materials 574


Conscience a safe guide?

The idea is entertained by many that a man may practice anything that he conscientiously believes to be right. But the question is, Has the man a well-instructed good conscience, or is it biased and warped by his own preconceived opinions? Conscience is not to take the place of “Thus saith the Lord.” Consciences do not all harmonize, and are not all inspired alike. Some consciences are dead, seared as with a hot iron. Men may be conscientiously wrong, as well as conscientiously right. Paul did not believe in Jesus of Nazareth, and he hunted the Christians from city to city, verily believing that he was doing service to God.

1888 Materials, p. 424

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