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A reason to smile :)

You have every reason to cherish gratitude and thanksgiving; because Jesus lives to make intercession for us. His blood alone can purify us, his blood alone can cleanse our sin, and wash us white from transgression. His righteousness alone will the Father look upon and accept in our behalf; for with his righteousness we shall be righteous as he is righteous. We shall not have our own righteousness, it is worthless. It is of no use to go about to establish our own righteousness, for we have none to establish.

1888 Materials 968


Reasons to be thankful

We know that the Lord is gracious, and of tender pity for our weaknesses. If not, we might despair, but we have reason for constant gratitude, encouragement, and hope, because Jesus has given His precious life for us that we might have His grace, His power and divine strength. It is not His pleasure that we should go forward in weakness and in inefficiency, when heaven is full of blessings for us. This thought should awaken in us gratitude and thanksgiving and praise that Christ is the center in heaven, the Lamb in the midst of the throne.

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