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What wondrous Love!

O the breadth and height and depth of the love of God! Who of finite beings can comprehend it? He would do a work, a great work, that in the fulness of the offering he would leave no possible excuse for man to be apprehensive that his guilt is too great for the offering to ransom him. God claims the whole of the affections of man, the whole heart, the whole soul, the whole mind, the whole strength. He lays claim to all that there is of man, because he has poured out the whole treasure of heaven by giving us his all at once, reserving back nothing greater that heaven can do.

…sink self in Jesus. Lift him up, contemplate his character, grow into his character, the character of Christ is his glory. We are to grow more and more into his divine likeness, to the full stature of men and women in Christ Jesus.

1888 Materials 712


How to deal with discouragement

May God help us to gather up the jewels of his promises, and deck memory‚Äôs hall with the gems of his word. We should be armed with the promises of God. Our souls should be barricaded with them. When Satan comes in with his darkness, and seeks to fill my soul with gloom, I repeat some precious promise of God…
As I do this, the light of the glory of God fills my soul. I will not look at the darkness.

1888 Materials 559

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