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Christ-Redeemer & Ruler

Let this point be fully settled in every mind: If we accept Christ as a Redeemer we must accept Him as a Ruler. We cannot have the assurance, the perfect confiding trust in Christ as our Saviour until we acknowledge Him and are obedient to His commandments. Thus we evidence our allegiance to God. We have then the genuine ring in our faith. It works by love. Speak it from your heart, “Lord, I believe Thou hast died to redeem my soul. If Thou hast placed such a value upon my soul to give Thy life for mine, I give my life and all its possibilities in all my weakness into Thy keeping.” The will must be brought into complete harmony with the will of God. When this is done every ray of light that will shine into the heart and chambers of the mind will not be resisted, and the soul barricaded with prejudice, calling light darkness, and darkness light. The light from heaven is welcomed as light filling all the chambers of the soul, and this is making melody to God. How much do we believe from the heart, “Draw nigh to God, and God will draw nigh to you”? This means to be much with the Lord in prayer.

1888 Materials 670


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