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Advice for Christian health workers

You are a shepherd of the soul as well as a physician of the body. You need divine aid, and you may have it if you will come to the Lord as a little child. You may have a rich experience. But you must not wear yourself out by over-worry and over-taxation. If you are balanced by the Holy Spirit, you will seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. You will place yourself in a position where the truth for this time can come in clear, distinct rays of light to you. You will see the truth as it bears upon the present time, and your experience will be in complete harmony with the message of the third angel.

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What are “eagle’s wings”?

We must never be discouraged. We must be patient, kind, we must by faith be receiving that abundant supply as God is willing to bestow and wait by faith on the Lord believing he will do the things we ask him. This waiting on the Lord by faith needs to be cultivated for it leads to great spiritual grace, and renews our strength as the eagles. He shall mount up with wings, that is by faith.

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