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How to have discernment

Unless men study God’s word and practice his teachings, to the letter, rendering willing obedience to him, they will have no more moral wisdom to discern the spiritual impact of the words of Christ than had the disciples who were offended, and left him. Messages may be brought to them from the Lord, but these messages will be just as incomprehensible as the words spoken by our Saviour to his disciples. Like the disciples, they will see some ideas that offend them.

1888 Materials 1818


Counsel to Leaders

In order to bear your responsibilities aright, you must be an ever growing Christian;

  • Your faith must be strong,
  • your consecration complete,
  • your love perfect,
  • your zeal ardent;
  • you must make steady advancement in the knowledge and the love of Christ that you may witness in those under your charge the precious fruits of the Spirit.

You need spiritual discernment. Keep the eye single to the glory of God, that your profiting may appear unto all. Do not gather to yourself too many burdens, to worry and perplex you.

  • Grasp the promises of God.
  • Press close to the bleeding side of Jesus.
  • Encourage tenderness and compassion.
  • Improve every means of grace, that your love may abound more and more, that you may have wisdom from above,

that you “may approve things that are excellent, . . . being filled with the fruits of righteousness, which are by Jesus Christ, unto the glory and praise of God.” Your present and future usefulness depend on your living connection with God.

1888 Materials, Ch. 26, p. 248

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