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Marks of A True Christian

As the rich clusters of grapes grow on the living vine, so the fruits of the Spirit will be borne by the man who loves God, and keeps the way of the Lord. Christ is his stronghold. Christ lived the law of God in humanity, and so may he do if he will by faith take hold on the strong for strength. If he realizes that he cannot do anything without Christ by this side, God will give him wisdom. But he must cherish the love of Christ in his heart, and practice his lessons, for is he not to love Christ as Christ loved God? Is he not to demonstrate to all with whom he associates that he has the abiding presence of Jesus Christ more than he has ever had it before. Because of his increased responsibilities, he must have an increased knowledge of God, and must reveal that living faith that works by love, and purifies the soul.

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What it means to be a Christian

To be a Christian means a great deal more than is supposed. A Christian is Christlike. Membership in the church does not make us Christians. Has the light from Christ penetrated the heart? Are justice and purity and truth abiding in the soul temple? We may know; for the fruits will appear.

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Need of personal Bible study

God has given men reasoning minds and He will not hold them guiltless if they trust in man or make flesh their arm. He wants you individually to come to Him, to draw from Him, to use the ability God gives to understand the living oracles. If one man can see light in examining the Scriptures, so may every true Christian have the right to read, to examine, to search the Scriptures with unabated interest, and gather light therefrom.

If they fail to do this they will not be using the ability God has given them, that they may grow up to the full stature of men and women in Christ Jesus. Then let every man read, study, and search the Scriptures for himself and take nothing as infallible but the Word that you can see for yourself, after much prayer and searching in an humble, teachable spirit. God has given no man a right to set himself up as a standard of doctrine.

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