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True Leaders

I have been shown that men in responsible positions should be men who are not controlled by impulse, men whose conscience is quickened by habitual communion with Christ, men who bow in reverence to the divine standard of righteousness. Pure and undefiled religion should preside over their practice; they should honor God by honoring the light he sends them, by practicing the principles laid before them, and shunning everything unfair and unjust. Such men will not neglect important interests which are under their guardianship, and whose success or failure depends on their management. They will not, for the sake of immediate financial advantage, let the light given of heaven be excluded from the people. They will be braced for duty by the truth of God, and no influence from any source, no entreaties or favor, can induce them to turn from the work which they know to be just and consistent.

1888 Materials 660


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