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Be a Christian in the Workplace

Every sharp transaction in deal, every bargain made to advantage yourselves to the disadvantage of another, is a violation of God’s law. You do not love your neighbor as you love yourself and you are registered—even you that handle sacred things—as transgressors of the law of God. Those who are doing the work of God cannot dishonor His name more decidedly than by being sharp and dishonest in deal. You may not call these sharp, keen transactions dishonest; but God calls them so. You can never gain respect as Christians unless you represent Christ in spirit, in temper, in deportment, in all your business transactions. In order to do good to those connected with you in the work, you must inspire them with sound confidence in your piety and the purity of your principles. If they see you stern, iron-hearted, unfeeling, cold, unloving, they know you are not Christians. Christ says, “Love one another, as I have loved you.”

1888 Materials 937


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