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Attitude towards the erring

Those who manifest the attributes that have been manifested by those who have triumphed over a mistake in their brethren, instead of seeking to encourage and heal, and strengthen those who have erred, reveal the fact that they are walking apart from Jesus, and encouraging the companionship of evil angels. We are bound to stand by those who have made a mistake, and who see it, and acknowledge it. The motives which the Lord Jesus Christ recognizes as pure and holy move us to take this position. If we have the Spirit of God, we will think right thoughts, utter right words, and keep the heart with all diligence lest by one unwise impulse, we shall grieve and distress one of the Lord’s chosen messengers. “Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.”

1888 Materials 1241


How to understand Scripture

It makes every difference to us in what kind of spirit we come to the investigation of the Scriptures. If we come with a teachable spirit, ready to learn, with our hearts emptied of our prejudices, not seeking to bring the Scriptures to our ideas but to bring our ideas to the Scriptures, then we shall know of the doctrine. We shall understand it.

1888 Materials 607

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