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Remedial Missionary Work

The design of the gospel is, by means of remedial missionary work, to confront this evil of selfishness… and destroy its destructive power by establishing enterprises of benevolence.

1888 Materials 1763


Importance of Proper Focus

Let us stand where we look not at the defects and errors of others, but at Jesus, saying, “I have an individual case pending in the heavenly courts. It means everything to me whether I shall be weighed in the balances of the sanctuary and found complete in him, or whether I shall be found wanting.”

Provision has been made for every one of us to be saved. Those who do not accept the provision made by the shedding of the blood of the Son of the infinite God place their minds on little items, to the neglect of the great truths essential for salvation. They are diverted from the great Pattern, diverted from the study of the character of Christ. Failing to see him, they are not changed from glory to glory, from character to character. God wants us to look to Jesus.

1888 Materials 1753

How to bring healing

Medical missionary work, ministering to the sick and suffering, can not be separated from the gospel. God help those whose attention has been aroused on this subject to have the mind of Christ, the sympathy of Christ. God help you to remember that Christ was a worker, that he went from place to place healing the sick. If we were as closely connected with Christ as were his disciples, God could work through us to heal many who are suffering.

1888 Materials 1751

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