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A real education…

“Learn of me,” says Jesus; “for I am meek and lowly in heart, and ye shall find rest unto your souls.” We should all learn of Christ what it means to be a Christian. Let us learn of him how to combine firmness, justice, purity, and integrity with unselfish courtesy and kindly sympathy. Thus the character becomes lovable and attractive. The beauty of holiness will disarm scoffers.
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Are we co-workers?

The men who live out Christ’s lessons in practical life are his co-workers. The man who acts upon worldly principles is serving another master. The two classes do not blend into one another imperceptibly like the colors of a rainbow; Christ’s likeness and Satanic attributes stand out as distinct as midnight in contrast with midday. The Christian differs from the worldling in nature, in taste, in pursuits. The words of the prophet Malachi need to be read, the warnings heeded, and the instructions practiced. From the first word to the last this book should be our lesson sheet, in the home life, in the church, and before the world. God calls upon you, “Why halt ye between two opinions? If the Lord God serve him, if Baal, then serve him.”

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Perks of Royalty

As sons and daughters of God, and members of the royal family, we are to learn of him daily, that we may do his will and represent his character. The love of God received into the heart is an active power for good. It quickens the faculties of the mind and the powers of the soul; it enlarges the capacity for feeling, for loving. He who loves God supremely will love all the children of God. He will ever approach them with a respectful demeanor. And whatever his position of trust, his own considerate courtesy will win for him confidence and respect.

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