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Warning-take this to heart…

A crisis has arrived in the government of God in which something great and decisive must be done. The delay will not be prolonged long. The wrath of God will not be long withheld, justice is only to speak the word and in a moment what confusion there will be. Voices and thunderings, and lightnings and earthquakes, and universal desolation. Now is our time to be good and to do good, while with wide awake senses we watch every movement in the government of God, with apprehension. But if our life and character is after the divine model we shall be hid with Christ in God.

1888 Materials 447


Need for deep BIBLE study

There has been a very great lack of deep searching of the scriptures, storing the mind with the gems of truth. How much we all lose because we do not put to the tax our minds to search with much prayer for divine enlightenment to understand his holy word.

1888 Materials 447

Beholding Christ

Christ is the great pattern; his character must be our character. All excellence is in him. Turning from man and every other model with open face we behold Jesus in all his glory. And their minds are filled with the grand and overpowering ideas of his excellency; every other object sinks into insignificance, and every part of moral discipline is lost which does not promote their likeness to his image. I see heights and depths that we may reach accepting every ray of light and going forward to a greater

light. The end is near and God forbid that we shall be asleep at this time.

1888 Materials 447

Our Work

As surely as we believe in Christ, and do his will, not exalting self, but walking in all humility of mind, so surely will the Lord be with us.

There is a work to be wrought in the heart of each one, that you may not sow tares. When the lips of the watchman are touched with a live coal from off the altar by the Lord of hosts, the trumpet will give a certain sound, very different from the sound we have hitherto heard.

We have a heaven to gain and a hell to shun. We are under obligation as those who have made solemn vows to God, and who have been commissioned as the messengers of Christ, as stewards of the mysteries of the grace of God, to declare faithfully the whole counsel of God.

1888 Materials, p.  442

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